Video: Rick Ross at King of Diamonds Surrounded by Nude Strippers

Sometimes art imitates life, sometimes the opposite happens, and sometimes YouTube videos depicting it all going down remain unflagged for a couple of days get flagged within hours of us blogging about them and taken down. Rick Ross' well-publicized Fourth of July kickoff party at the North Miami strip club King of Diamonds seemed to be exactly what ballers of all persuasions would expect -- gratuitous nudity, dollars flying through the sky, cigar-chomping, you name it -- especially considering that he reportedly spent $1 million the last time he rolled through.

Regardless, the comic book kingpin Ross put on quite a show the night of July 1 -- and did some rapping too.

Set to the song "Big Bank" from Maybach Music Group's Self Made Vol. 1, you can see from the still showing below that this is not something that your boss will probably want you to watch today.

Update: "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content."

For more, check out the work-appropriate shots posted by our pals at Miami New Times.

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