Video: Sufjan Stevens' "Too Much" Changes His Talking Points

The beginning of Sufjan Stevens' "Too Much" video features him rolling around in a bunch of colorful garbage -- and it's hard not to see this as a direct allusion to the music on his latest album, The Age of Adz. (That z does the trick.) Long known for his wacky publicity stunts for his mostly earnest pre-Bandcamp band camp anthems, Stevens has abandoned singing about states in the Midwest and has taken on a glo-fi persona. Set to a beat perhaps inspired by mid-'90s Aphex Twin, he occasionally dons a devil mask in the stop-action clip, and the unsmiling sarcasm mounts. Not saying that we don't like it, but it's not clear that he likes it much at all, especially based upon his rendition performed on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon recently.

Via Pitchfork.

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