Video: The Black Lips Throw a Bass Into the Ocean

Previously, the Bruise Cruise Kickoff Party, video of Miss Pussycat's puppet show, and Bruise Cruise Day One and Bruise Cruise Day Two.

Just when this past weekend's Bruise Cruise started to hit a wholesome stride, the Black Lips decided to do something drastic about it. Up on the Verandah [sic] Deck at the rear of the 2,500-capacity cruise ship, the guys filmed a video for a track tentatively titled "Go Out and Get It" from their forthcoming album. As a final hurrah, bassist Jared Swilley's lovely instrument takes flight. Was this move inspired by the Beach Fossils' wild abandon bass toss last year, or is this more of a picturesque Biscayne Bay piano moment?

Sidenote: It's incredibly awkward to watch a bunch of dudes lip-syncing

to a song playing out of some tiny iPod speakers. The Vivian Girls and

some other swimsuit-clad ladies got in on the action, which featured

drummer Joe Bradley flailing around with an ice cream cone. Here are a bunch of people who have been drinking for days:

Black Lips Music Video Shoot at Bruise Cruise from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.

And here is how you properly bury a bass at sea:

Bass Overboard! Featuring the Black Lips from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.

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