Video: The Crumbs' "Son of a Gun"

The Crumbs have been a powerhouse in punk rock close to two decades now. While there have been some ups and downs, if you've heard them and subscribed to their nasal and visceral take on power pop, you're a life-long fan.

Whatever the future brings, their canon will live through speakers until the end of time. Last year, our good friends over at Livid Records put out the band's final South Florida-recorded full-length effort -- and I take full responsibility for the wording of the facts here.

It is no secret that Crumbs main-man Raf Classic has relocated to California but benevolent CEO Chuck Livid recently posted this nifty video for their Gator Kicks track, "Son of a Gun" on their webber and the only point of contention that I have towards the whole histrionics of the affair is that it utilizes footage from a number of Crumbs line-ups.

I only say that in the spirit of journalism, as a fan, I could give three shits, I've enjoyed all their line-ups, the music is always on point. But I guess director Eddy Cobra does clear that by saying it has "17 years worth of footage." Say it out loud: "I'm a son of a gun!"

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