"Look how strong I look."
"Look how strong I look."

Video: The Getback Shred "Get it Right" Footage Unearthed

Thanks to a tip from County Grind contributor Jose Flores, we can present video of the Getback's live rendition of "Get it Right" filmed by Livid Records' Chuck Livid. Captured during a show at Churchill's Pub three years ago, take this clip as further thrilling evidence of the band's live prowess.

Now, in the interest of semi-adorable full disclosure, Flores is the singer featured in this video. And the Getback's pop-punk fury is captured on a new album, Halfway Home, which is set for release later this month. But IF YOU CAN'T WAIT, then listen to the tracks over at the band's MySpace. Without further ado, here's your visual stimulus package below.

By the way, the Getback is among the dozens of bands taking the stage as part of Sweat Records' Sweatstock festivities on April 16. Read more here.

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