One of the high times from the Ughmerica's video.
One of the high times from the Ughmerica's video.

Video: The Ughmerica's "P.O.S." Ripe for 4:20 Viewing

In the blaze of the midafternoon sun of April 20, let's point your eyes to the Ughmerica's "P.O.S." video. The Los Angeles-based trio basically re-creates Entourage in which every character is that Turtle dude.

Jacob Kasher, Bolooki, and Phil "Phever" Shaouy (who hails from South Florida) have created a meta, self-loathing world in the song that lists all of the slovenly behavior that goes along with writing songs for pop stars and puffing spliffs and playing videogames and savoring pizza like every bite breaks a 40-day fast. Reminiscent of the Gym Class Heroes, and the language alone makes it NSFW. Enjoy!

HT: Ivan "Holguinism" Lopez via Hypetrak

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