Haven't you always wanted to do this?
Haven't you always wanted to do this?

Video: tUnE-yArDs' "Bizness" is Filled With Happy, Dancing Children

The joy felt in any tUnE-yArDs track cannot be fenced in, and "Bizness" should be the intensity any person should bring to their own business. Pitchfork has posted the accompanying visual for the song, a single off April 19's Whokill, which features a bunch of kids in school uniforms taking over their classroom with warpaint on their faces similar to that which tUnE-yArDs' wild leader Merrill Garbus wears.

Was this scene of revelry inspired by Garbus' conversation last year with Village Voice's now-departed music head Rob Harvilla? Read and decide for yourself.

I gotta say, I feel like you would be the raddest preschool teacher ever.
Maybe that's what I should be someday! That sounds like a great career. But thank you. What makes you say this?

I just picture a bunch of little kids running around in face paint growling, "GRRRRRAH GRRRRRAH."
It just seems like a really good time. I don't know for sure, but I think I had a pretty good time when I was in preschool, so maybe a lot of that stuff came back out again. That's really funny. I keep getting asked things in interviews about kids, the childlike lyrics or whatever it is. It's fun. I'm glad that that stuff is in there. Better that than a lot of other things that could be my influences.

Right, and then here's the video.

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