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Video: Vanilla Ice Gives Us (Another) Reason to Hate Fox and Friends

In promotion of his forthcoming renovation-themed reality show, Rob Van Winkle (better-known as Rob Van Winkle) has been on quite a media blitz. He's bantered about The Vanilla Ice Project with Jay Leno, George Lopez, the crew from the Today Show, and several other publicity tour staples. But it was this appearance, on Fox News' morning show Fox and Friends earlier this week, that produced the most memorable moment thus far.

Yes, that's conservative ice queen pundit Laura Ingraham (note the

cross bouncing on her chest) and Fox host Gretchen Carlson writhing

awkwardly, twisting spasmodically, and, at one point, it appears

beginning an exercise routine to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby."

The clip begins with Carlson challenging Ingraham to an "Ice-Off." The painful bit you see above is the result.

You're welcome.

UPDATE: Here's a summary of the first episode of The Vanilla Ice Project.

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