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Video: "Watagatapitusberry" by Pitbull, Playing FIU's UP-ROAR with Kid Cudi, Next Wednesday

​Next Wednesday is FIU's annual UP-ROAR Concert, and if you're an FIU student, there's a good chance you already snatched up tix to this. If you're not, you could very well be one of the ones currently scouring Craig's List or hitting up students you know, because tickets to this year's show went fast. On the bill, local Cuban kid turned international don of club-friendly hip hop, Pitbull. As if that wasn't enough to make tickets fly, Kid Cudi is also joining the Panther pride fun. Oh, and they gave tickets away to students. I feel like we used to pay for them the eight years I went to school there...but what the hell do I know? It took me eight years to graduate.

If you haven't been paying attention, Mr. 305 has been extremely busy, not only taking over the world of hip hop, but foraying into the Latin world with a reverse crossover, in which the rapper gets back to his roots and sings in Spanish. Armando, slated to drop on May 25, will feature "Maldito Alchol," "Orgullo" and, already getting stuck in people's heads via radio and video, the "Watagatapitusberry" remix, which sounds like the name of Blackberry competitor that rightfully fell by the wayside, but is actually just a made up word that sounds funny used as the hook to this damned humorous tune. The video (below) was shot right here in Miami, and features Lil Jon, Sensato, Black Point and El Cata.

IDK about you, but my favorite part is, "Baby, you a spaghetti?" El que?

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