Video: WSVN Anchor's "Soup Girl" Inspires Canned Laughs

Taking a page from the Ark Music Factory's playbook for Rebecca Black, Fox WSVN-TV (Channel 7)'s Deco Drive host Louis Aguirre has crafted a truly horrible song and filmed an equally lame music video to accompany it.

The heavily Auto-Tuned "Soup Girl" is awash in lyrical clunkers like "Time to take that risk, girl/Slurp my lobster bisque, girl." But according to the conveniently named Split Pea, the "hottest rapper in East North Bay Village" (and likely a figment of Aguirre's chowder-soaked imagination), this whole terrible concept, which grew out of a report on a local studio, is intentionally bad. Minestrone will never be the same.

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