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Viernes Swirls Up the Night at Propaganda

Viernes is an experimental electronic duo from the Orlando area keyed into the atmospheric lining of the machines used to create the music. The opening of "Swimmer's Ear" featured on recent release Sinister Devices plays like a winter's carnival ride for the ears before growing into an undulating and magical sonic landscape. Nothing else they've put out is too far removed from the implications of that first track's title — a little heady, a little watery, not unlike waves flowing directly from the sea into one's body.

Filling out the evening at Propaganda: Orlando's Attached Hands creating delicate alien noises you can dream to; Tumbleweave's pulsing digi-dance is like a series of explosions; Hear Hums' spacey noise tends to swirl around you – it's less a concert, more an experience. And then, of course, there are the Jameses, who will surely cut into all the pretty, noisy ambience with their face-melting capabilities, just to mix things up. All this and it won't cost you much either. Get there early; that's a lot of magic to twirl around in such a small space.

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Monica Uszerowicz

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