Visual Artists Exposed at Driven Music + Art Conference
Photo by Jaclyn Rosansky

Visual Artists Exposed at Driven Music + Art Conference

​As we mentioned earlier in the week, the Driven Music + Art Conference attracted many serious artists/musicians to the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood last weekend. Sponsor and local haven for artists ArtServe was setting up for the conference bright and early by putting together an exhibit and handling registration.

The exhibit was racks of various themed art done by locals. Each of the pieces was purposely sized to 10x10 inches so that it could be reduced to a CD album cover nicely. Musicians, bands, and industry professionals were encouraged to purchase the art for that purpose or even to use as promotional aids. 

Gazing at a piece called "Blue Guitar," by Ditsy Suarez, ArtServe curator, Vee Corallo said, "What's music without a guitar?" The acrylic was $625, but fit in perfectly with the Hard Rock setting that has guitar décor throughout. "Musicians and artwork go hand in hand," she said.

Michael Joseph, co-owner of Artists Haven Gallery, gave tips for presenting art to the gallery during the visual art panel. "Don't drop in on the gallery unannounced," he said. Artists should edit down and show only their most focused pieces. He said that many times, the mistake artists will make is bombarding him with every piece he or she has ever made. The relationship between an artist and his/her work is subjective, so it is also helpful to gain feedback from someone detached from the work. The panel helped answer questions about pursuing or advancing an art career too.

ArtServe's programs manager, Julia Andrews, said the Red Eye event is coming back in July. It's an "art explosion," she said, squeezing film, music, dance, fashion, fine art, acting, installations, and more into a short time frame. The mix of gallery and street art is what makes the event unique and a great opportunity for newcomers. In addition to the Red Eye, Artserve hosts many other events each month and offers memberships.  

Visual Artists Exposed at Driven Music + Art Conference

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