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Vivian Girls to Play Propaganda October 21

Mexico City, by Daniel Araujo from their Myspace
​Damn Son!  Vivian Girls are playing Propaganda up in Lake Worth in October.  I don't know if Steve is doing these shows or what, but this place is really coming into its own with this booking.  This band is pretty damn good and in my mind sounds like the glorious fusion of Beat Happening, Holly Golightly and the Beach Boys.  This band actually lives up to their hype of awesomeness. 

The show isn't listed on their myspace, so I really hope it isn't a fake out.  Unfortunately this means I have to drive to Lake Worth in the middle of the week and then make an bad food choice at Howley's late at night.  Okay, so it isn't the end of the world.

For bonus laughs read the club's booking policy after the jump as it seems to have little bearing on a fair amount of their bookings. (thanks to Mark for pointing this out) 

From Propaganda Website:
BANDS PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT looking for mainstream rock. If you sound like bands on the radio, don't bother. If you sound just like everyone else, don't bother. If you carry the oxymoronic label of "pop punk", don't bother. You're NOT punk. If you haven't yet learned or are unwilling to adjust your stage volume to the room you are playing or simply unable to "sound right" without your amp volume at eleven, don't bother. We want bands to sound good and not drive people out of the room. That's just stupid. We do not have time to listen to every band that wants to play. This is why we prefer to book PACKAGES and bands that we know will promote. Make friends with other local bands and build something that will work. We don't have time to figure out who to put you with. Make it a special event... CD Release, Birthday, Anniversary... whatever. If you are lazy or just not creative enough to make your own flyer/posters, play somewhere else."

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