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Best of Broward / Palm Beach

Vote for the Best Hip-Hop Artist From Broward and Palm Beach Counties for 2012

The 2012 poll has closed. Click here after June 14 for the results.

Here's your chance to vote in our New Times Broward-Palm Beach Readers' Poll 2012 for your favorite local hip-hop artist. Text the code corresponding to your pick from the list below to 61721.

The results will appear in our annual Best Of Broward-Palm Beach issue June 14. Click here for a master list of all Readers' Poll items, and be sure to cast your votes before the poll ends May 14.

Chief: BRO195

Ghost Arm: BRO196

Jabrjaw & DJ Dee Dubbs: BRO197

J-O: BRO198

Mayday : BRO199

Protoman: BRO200

Tortured Soldiers: BRO201

Schife: BRO202

Butta Verses: BRO203

Al Kush: BRO204

Brady: BRO205

Jay Burna: BRO206

Goons United by the New School (GUNS): BRO207

Sin: BRO208

Beville: BRO209

Will Brennan: BRO210

Eric Biddiness: BRO211

Robb Bank$: BRO212

Rook: BRO213

1Hot: BRO214

Makiin: BRO215

Astrea Corporation: BRO216

Bleubird: BRO217

1000 Pounds of Thrust: BRO344

The Dewars: BRO246

Dharmata: BRO247

Ghost of Gloria: BRO248

The Jameses: BRO249

Kill Miss Pretty: BRO250

Lavola: BRO251

MillionyoungYoung Circles: BRO252

Alex Nelson: BRO253

Shroud Eater : BRO254

Surfer Blood: BRO255

Freakin' Hott: BRO256

Community Property: BRO257

Flees the Scene: BRO258

Howling Winds: BRO259

Cop City Cill Pillars: BRO260

Suede Dudes: BRO261

Everyman: BRO262

Viva La Vox: BRO263

The Sweet Chariots: BRO264

Radioboxer: BRO265

Cadillac Creeps: BRO266

The Goddamn Hustle: BRO267

Angry Pudding: BRO268

The Band in Heaven: BRO269

Beach Day: BRO270

Don't see your favorite on our poll? Send suggestions here.

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61721. For help, text HELP to 61721, call 1-877-291-1751 or email

[email protected]

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