Vote or Die! Top Five Totally Ridiculous Musical Campaign Moments with Mittens and Clinton

Next to governance and scandalous hypocrisy, there's nothing politicians love more than a lil' ol' time rock 'n' roll.

This is especially true during an election year, when the competition gets so heated and the 24/7 news cycle so frothing that the whole electoral process begins to resemble a manic, hysteria-driven cross between civics and American Idol.

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Sure, some musicians get a little pissy when presidential candidates use their music without permission. And, yes, you probably should be concerned that the President of the World Bank looks like he's ready to rail some Molly and sweat profusely in a Skrillex mosh pit.

After the jump, check out five completely ridiculous campaign moments that totally rocked the vote.

5. Kid Rock: Fuelin' Up on Whiskey and Cocaine at RNC 2012
Our list opens with the number one rager at RNC 2012. Kid Rock's hearty endorsement of Mitt Romney should be no surprise. The Southern Rock-tinged nü-metal MC's concerts greatly resemble Massachusetts governor's political rallies: Both are filled with angry, pasty white people. However, the greasy, mud-caked mobs at Rock's performances have a substantially higher intake of whip-its.

4. Bill Clinton Really Knew How To Blow
In the 1990s, William Jefferson Clinton was elected twice to be Leader of the Free World, and was permanently voted into the office of International Pope of Pussy. The man's campaign trail prowess boils down to one awful truth: Wily Bill knew everything there was to know about hot sax.

3. Dole Man
The only thing funnier than 1996 Republican nominee Bob Dole speaking in the the third-person, is the former Senator and World War II vet goofily co-opting the Isaac Hayes-penned "Soul Man" as part of his bid for the White House. And the only thing funnier than that is Bob Dole making boner jokes in Pepsi commercials starring Britney Spears.

2. Obama is Cooler Than Jay-Z
Guantanamo this and Don't Ask, Don't Tell that. Crossfade thinks it's time to slip on the hater-blockers, cause -- like the Prez explained back in the 2008 campaign when responding to diss tracks from then-competitor, Hillary Clinton -- you gotta brush that shit off. Did ya'll forget who iced Osama? Yeah. That's right. Barry O. and the Choom Gang.

1. Diddy: "Vote or Die!"
GOTV slogans have a complicated history of ambiguous and/or questionable political efficacy. However, the phrase "Vote or Die" is absolute nonsense.

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