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Waka Flocka Flame Gets Pawed By "Ferocious" Fans in Fort Lauderdale

Triple F Life Tour

with Waka Flocka Flame, Wooh Da Kid, and Haitian Fresh

Revolution Live, Ft. Lauderdale

November 14

Better Than: Gucci Mane in a sloppy tracksuit at a poorly attended porn convention.

Last night's edition of Waka Flocka Flame's "Triple F Life" tour was 3/4 everything that sucks about rap concerts and, really, live music in general. But the last quarter achieved a Zen, platonic perfection, courtesy of the evening's marquee maniac. 

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We arrived to find a fairly expansive onstage hype crew -- DJ, MC/host/default main hype man, a superfluous live drummer, three to seven people holding cameras, and dudes just standing there -- yelling all sorts of hype crew gibberish at the 18-plus audience in between dense and deafening blasts of a Top 40 pop rap megamix laced with select deep cuts from the Brick Squad Monopoly recording vaults.

The crowd at first was fairly timid, especially compared to the rabid blunt-smoking party savages native to the rap concerts at the Fillmore on Miami Beach. We imagine this was due to most of the audience being under the drinking age, which, BTW, we didn't expect. Not that there was any demographic expectation, really, but this group was notably young and suburban. 

It was also highly inclined to dethaw. By the time local rapper and recent Brick Squad signee, Haitian Fresh, took the stage, the kids were getting straight stupid. To be honest, his set, as well as that of the other two openers -- Sugar Shane and inner-circle ATL rapper, Wooh Da Kid -- were a chore to sit through. 

You the know the drill. The DJ plays the song. The rapper yells over his own prerecorded voice. Everything is too loud. Repeat. And the deeper we got into the respective sets, the vocals became increasingly blunt and hoarse, adding to an overall washout. 

Haitian Fresh invited girls onstage to dance like strippers, but every single one that ended up there looked like they were dying to get off. Sugar Shane hung from the balconies and a few times looked like he was going to totally wipeout. He also spent some time rapping while crowd surfing. These were the only notable occurrences until Waka took the stage. 

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Matt Preira

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