Wale Is Possibly the Nerdiest Cool Rapper, Seinfeld and All

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Take "Nike Boots," for example. It's not literally about Nike Goadome boots; it's symbolic. It's about not losing sight of how the environment molds the individual, how to achieve success, and how we are unified through commonalities.

He raps: "We all still here, from the dealers to the kids/To the squares to the fly/One thing we are aligned with/Black on black Nikes/They represent the lifeless lives/And it reflects the plight of those fighting so/If we ain't right at the throats/Of one another at least we got our Goadome Nikes."

Or let's take Wale's more recent single, "The Body," off his upcoming album The Album About Nothing. It offers an aesthetic comparison of countless automobile features to that of a female, as well as his experience of femininity.

"Top down, let me kiss your physique/I'm diggin' your fleek, I'm checkin' your gear/Can tell you had a good year, spent a grip on your feet... Sex is her weapon, my snake in her garden/So when I'm not here, the Viper is on."

And, of course, in alignment with his hip-hop "otherness," there's Wale's collaboration with Jerry Seinfeld on the aforementioned 2015 release The Album About Nothing.

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