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Wango Tango With Ted Nugent at Revolution Live, August 7

A little scandal, a few crossbows, and palettes of unsold flamethrower-flavored beef jerky have mucked our memories. There was a time when Ted Nugent was known for spewing attitude and amplitude out of his hollow-body guitar, not for making threatening comments against the Obama administration or backing Mitt Romney. He's conservative; he's a hunter. OK, we get it: The Motor City Madman is a party animal onstage and a Tea Partier offstage.

The fact remains, when the Nuge starts squealing and scratching up and down his fretboard at Revolution Live on August 7, no one will be able to think about anything political over the sweet feedback of his big ol' Byrdland. The man's made a hell of a career out of shredding -- let's take a dip in it for minute.

"Journey to the Center of Your Mind"

This song could very well be the soundtrack to a drug bust scene in Dragnet. More important, it's one of the shiniest gems from the must-have Nuggets compilation. It's a psych-rock trip, man. The fuzz bass breakdown makes this an essential proto-punk jam.

"Hey Baby"

This pub rocker is from Ted Nugent's first solo album. Nugent's hired guns are happy to have little more than cameo roles in their band. Derek St. Holmes does have a beautiful voice, but Uncle Ted is the one wearing the spandex. All eyes on him.

"Wango Tango"

Nugent took all the innuendo out of "The Twist," "The Locomotion," and "The Hippy Hippy Shake" and made up his own sleazy two-stepper. It's the '80s, man -- let's get to the point: "I need some lubrication, baby!" For sex! Interestingly, Guitar World named this riff Number Seven on its "100 Worst Guitar Solos" list. No way, Guitar World! This baby rips!

"High Enough"

Nuge's supergroup Damn Yankees yielded his highest-charting hit. This might be the power ballad to end all power ballads.

"Cat Scratch Fever"

There's a reason every single hard rock, guitar god, and hair metal compilation album has this jam. It's a big, beefy mess of hott lixx. 

When the future people of tomorrow find this video and witness the hard-rocking, peacocking Nuge, they won't wonder what political views he held; they'll wonder how he ripped so hard and how he fit into those tight white spandex.

Ted Nugent at Revolution Live, 200 W. Broward Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, on Tuesday, August 7. Visit   

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