Wanna Look Like the Bawse? Rick Ross Reebok Line Now Available for Purchase

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The Bawse joined forces with Reebok to contribube his very own

line of kicks

 this past spring. Not sure if Ross sat down with a pen and paper and sketched anything out or chose a color palette he favored. But, at the moment, he's the face of this classic sneaker company's "It takes a lot to make a classic" campaign. Last night, a Vegas Ricky Rozay show kicked off sales of his line. Our local boy was the third performer in the 2012 Reebok Classics concert of after the lovely Eve and master MC Rakim. 

All the shoes in the "classic" line pretty much look like the stuff we sported in the eighties, puffy and simple. If anything, eighties hip-hop styles beat the crap out of nineties rap looks in the cool department, so no complaining here. You can also represent Ross, a Miami "classic" himself, with a camouflaged snapback or "Rich Forever" tee, even if you'll never be rich and are not militarily inclined  . 

The promo: 

The interview:

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