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Wasted Away Again Online With Jimmy Buffett-Inspired Margaritaville Videogame

Parrotheads! Your internet dreams have come true! Key West-obsessed singer Jimmy Buffett's most famous song, 1977's "Margaritaville," is being honored with a Facebook videogame. That's right, you're not just drunk, stoned, and sun-stroked; you actually read that correctly. THQ, a videogame publisher, launched Margaritaville Online yesterday.

Don't fear; Jimmy's not been done wrong. There is a macaw in a sailor's cap and a shaker of salt. The game begins, and you get to create your avatar's look. This can include cornrows, à la cruisin', or a pirate's rag as chapeau.

The intro is cute. Some creature (you?) is dreaming of a beach vacay

while shivering in the snow. Guided by J. Buffett's picture book, you

end up in Margarita Island. Some old pervert in shorts, sunglasses, and a

jacket, who is presumably a boat person, offers to show you around. You

say no way. J/K; you say yes and trail him around the shore. His name is


The rest of the game is entirely too confusing for someone

as drunk as a Parrothead, but it involves walking around a

beach and picking up hurricane debris. "Keep it clean to keep it chill,"

Tip tells you.

A party boat shows up blinking and strewing garbage

about. The party pirates, as they call them, are strapped in down there with banana

hammocks and wearing winter coats. You're given a slingshot that you

use to kill thse Capt. Morgan-in-drag-lookalikes. From what we can

gather, cleaning up the beach is the goal of the game. It's pretty

noble, and something done better while under the influence. It's also a

great way to get a sweet tan. 

We sort of got bored at this point. Go

be a weirdo boozehound with an online sunburn and check it out for yourself.

The game will be available for iPads and iPhones soon enough. For now,

you have to deal with Facebook. Remember, no need to bring a shaker of

salt, but do not get the brand-new tattoo, and don't eat the sponge

cake. These are just some of many ways you can die in Margaritaville.

Jimmy'll be in Miami at the American Airlines Arena this Saturday. Make sure to read more about it on Miami New Times' music site, Crossfade.

In our opinion, "Cheeseburger in Paradise" is the superior song, and this video is simply scrumptious.

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