Wavves and The Mae Shi Set for SunFest New Music Night

The rise of San Diego beach punk project Wavves has been pretty fast, but the backlash has been even faster. I guess there's something slightly annoying about a band who only played their first live gig 161 days ago, rose from blog buzz obscurity to a shiny "Best New Music" accolade from Pitchfork, conquered SXSW by sheer number of shows played (I saw them three times with out trying), and currently have a bit of music media ubiquity. Bloggers are trying to figure out what exactly it means that there are chiptune covers of his stand out song (does anything chiptune actually mean anything?) or if the musical project of 22 year old Nathan Williams is actually any good (it is, to a degree, in my humble estimation). 

So I couldn't blame you if you're wondering what exactly it "means" that now the band is opening for 90's altrock radio stalwarts and one time Shaq collaborators 311 during new music night at SunFest on April 29th, West Palm's Beach annual rock festival for dads (for a bit of illumination on how this came about, you may remember that SunFest asked for your votes for suggesting which bands to book for their new music night). Instead, of thinking about it too much, we recommend you be happy that he's playing South Florida. Plus, Williams probably heard 311 had good weed.

LA scuzz punkers The Mae Shi are also booked for "new music" night despite the fact they've been around for close to a decade now. Sharing a bill with 311 seems like something quirky they'd do for anything. This is the band that used to offer their services to Bar Mitzvahs for a $100 and recorded a cover of Miley Cyrus's "See You Again," after all.

Other bands booked for SunFest's wednesday night show include Miami stalwarts Awesome New Republic and Spam Allstars plus Solillaquists of Sound and Kinky. 

New music night is set for April 29th, and the festival grounds are located on Flagler Drive from Banyan Boulevard to Lakeview Drive in West Palm Beach. Tickets for a single night are $29 in advance.  For more info visit the SunFest website.

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Kyle Munzenrieder