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Wednesday Blog Watch: Heat_R Photos and Hip-Hop MP3s

The Crumbs are recording a new 10" for Livid Records.
​*The party Heat_r is back up and running, bringing indie electro back to Fort Lauderdale, now at Exit 66. We heard it was pretty well-attended. The party's ostensible web site, though, which was at, seems to have been subsumed by a catch-all nightlife site called -- which hasn't been updated much at all.... But, you can still see lots of photos from the rebirth of Heat_r on this page. 

*On the Livid Records blog, we find out that Miami's long, long-running punk band the Crumbs is recording yet more music for the label. Their longevity is astounding, and proof that people around here can stick to something -- even if that sticking to something is drinking a lot and playing the occasional show at Churchill's. If you can instantly recognize the recording studio in the photo without reading the text in the entry, you've definitely been hanging out with local bands for way too long. 

*Revmiami posted the latest episode of its ongoing "Big City Breakdown" vlog series, in which a local band plays out in the wilds somewhere. This one captures Sirens and Sealions playing on the Metromover. 

*The Mac's Club Deuce photoblog actually gets updated more frequently than most of the other more "serious about music" type blogs on our blogroll. If you've ever been to this Legendary South Beach Dive Bar you might be entertained by the photos therein. 

*Just when I'm despairing about local music blogs not getting updated frequently enough, or just getting outright abandoned, a visit to the305 is heartening. And it's always got lots of local hip-hop MP3s: check this one from Jovi Rockwell, this one by DJ Khaled (featuring Lil Wayne of course), and this one from Lik Shots. 

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