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Wednesday Blog Watch: Miami Dubstep, Flamingo Reeboks, and More

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Here is a roundup of a few interesting posts around the local music blogosphere. For a lot more, visit the sites on our blog roll. It's on the right-hand side of this page when you scroll down. If you run a blog based in South Florida that covers music, and would like to exchange blog roll links, please e-mail me here.

*In general, have you checked out the Miami Dubstep blog yet? This locally small but surely growing  scene boasts some of the most enthusiastic and supportive fans and participants in town. This blog is proof. It's especially good for checking out photos from parties you missed. The most recent entry has tons from the Mala set at the Vagabond last week (i.e. The Best Week Besides Conference For Dubstep in Miami So Far This Year).

*You NEED to click here to see the Miami Vice Reebok Pumps, now available at Shoe Gallery in downtown Miami, on the305. Seriously. They have the best rubber hang-tag thingies ever. Look, if you're going to live here, to survive you must embrace the tackiness.

*If you read Crossfade's interview with Lil Jon last week, you may be wondering how his video shoot in Miami went... Miami's number one hip-hop photographer, Derick G, posted a ton of behind-the-scene photos on his blog. Lots of green-screen action, and clever Crunk energy drink product placement! If dancing in a video is your dream, note that he also posts casting announcements there too.

*In the 954, Mood Vane stumbled into Maguire's Hill in downtown Fort Lauderdale, and stumbled into the unusual awesomeness that is the Methodaires. While at bars, the band plays the kinds of reggae covers mentioned in this entry, a side note is that they are one of the few acts left whose original compositions often include traditional, '60s-style ska. Amazing.

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