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Wednesday Blog Watch: Off the Radar Looks Across the Pond, Derick G. Does Amsterdam

The305 is relaunching its print magazine!
​*Off the Radar is pretty much the only locally based blog that keeps up with all the international bloggy MP3 stuff, while providing some decent writing that explains why the hell we should care. You won't find too much coverage of the local scene here, but Ray Milian and company always dig up really fascinating new stuff that's not necessarily all over Hype Machine. Lately it's seemed to skew towards electro-pop and lo-fi stuff -- with a heavy dose of Anglophilia -- and that's fine by me. Of note there over the last week or so are new tracks from heavy-hitters like Julian Casablancas and Chromeo, as well as newer worthwhile artists from across the pond like We Were Promised Jetpacks and Relation

*Every time I get bored and want to see how the other (i.e. rich and fabulous hip-hop) half lives, I pop over to photographer Derick G.'s blog. If you haven't looked at it, go look right now -- he's got behind-the-scenes shots of basically every iced-out rapper who rolls through town. Looks like he's venturing into video now, too, following some Cash Money folks around Europe. Go check out recent clips of the crew in Amsterdam (!) and London

*Speaking of photographers, why go out, when you can just look at 8MTS? Dude never stays home. Save some liver tissue and live vicariously. This image of Ocean Drive mag being used as an ashtray cracks me up. 

*It's good to see some new content on 954hiphop. Check out this mixtape from "alternative hip-hop" kinda dude Plus Givens, from Miramar, and another one, the awesomely titled Lauderdalien, from Ridiculous Rowe.  

*Interesting news from Apparently, the people behind this blog once put out a print magazine. Remember those? And they are bringing it back. Amazing. The hyper-local focus should work in their favor. 

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