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Wednesday Blog Watch: Panic Bomber Calls Out Clueless Promoters, and Cassettes Still Live

Panic Bomber lays the blog smackdown, kind of.
​*Richard, a.k.a. Panic Bomber, over at Atomisk calls out a clueless promoter, LOLZ ensue. No, an unpaid local opening band should not have to provide YOUR PA and backline to save money, cheapskate. Applause to Richard for calling people out on their crap -- "exposure" and the "privilege" to play a bill is not always enough incentive for a struggling musician to actually lose money (gas, etc.), time, and trouble in the process. (I'm still amazed at Pulp Live in Fort Lauderdale for charging performing bands for water the last time I went there -- the first and probably the last time ever.)

*The Roofless Records blog continues to fascinate with its extreme underground-ness: Check this rundown of recent cassette tape releases. Including one that's apparently in the genre of "power electronics," which most people will have to Google.

*Over at the mostly nightlife photoblog 8MTS, photog Lex proves that while MySpace may have fizzled out as the social network of choice, the MySpace-style self-portrait complete with fan sign is still alive and well. 

*If anything in big-name hip-hop happens around town, photographer to the stars Derick G. is there. Recently he chronicled video shoots, with behind-the-scenes clips, for "4 My Town," by Birdman featuring Drake and Lil Wayne, and "Shut It Down," by Pitbull featuring Akon.

*And here's a random selection of blogs that started out promising, but have been way too silent for a while. Musical Missionary threw a successful charity event at Electric Pickle, and then fizzled out. The South Florida Music Scene Past and Present finally put up some new (old) music a couple weeks ago after months of inactivity. Lou Ming Presents was a similarly archival music blog that also went silent. And Anti-Fascion had great photos of the punk, hardcore, and indie scene, but seems to have gone kaput just after Warped Tour. What gives, everybody? Come back!

Are there any other locally based music blogs we should add to our blog roll? Please leave a comment with the URL.

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