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Wednesday Blog Watch: Pitbull Weighs in on Kanye, Locals Weigh in on Future Classic Festival Fail

Pitbull to Kanye: Ai-yai-yai!
​It's high time we gave some link love to the other local music blogs out there. Look out for a weekly roundup here on Wednesdays. Know of another site we should add to our blog roll? (It's on the right, scroll down). E-mail me and let me know. Here are some posts worth a few minutes of your precious cubicle time. 

*Dro at The305 posted a video of Pitbull (walking with Jim Jonsin) weighing in on the Kanye VMA debacle. My favorite part is at the very end, when some random paparazzo asks Pitbull how he would react if Ye had done him like Taylor Swift. Pit answers with the most Miami Cuban phrases of emphasis: "Ai-yai-yai!"

*Rick Ross is up to his ears in beef, this time with fighter Floyd Mayweather. It started when Mayweather apparently dissed him in an interview, or something, and now Ross has released a diss track with Carol City Cartel. Pretty byzantine, but 24hourhiphop has a pretty good rundown of the feud here. You can listen to the track there, too. My question: Why does Ross have to take everything so damn personally? If you put yourself out there as an entertainer, people are going to have opinions of you. You can't beef with all of them. 

*Okay, those are Miami-centric hip-hop sites, but yes, Broward County has its own: This post is a little old, but it's worth checking out this DJ Smallz-hosted mixtape that's entirely 954-centric called, appropriately, Broward County Block Burners. The bigger names on that one include Ace Hood and Black Dada. 

*Back in the 305, Ric of Revmiami attended Future Classic Festival and was not impressed. Actually, the headline is "Future Classic Festival: Makes Big Promises, Delivers Little." Ouch. His main gripes were with the major set time delay, sound quality, ticket prices, and all the extra activities promised, but not really delivered. I didn't attend so I can't personally weigh in, but Miami's music scene often suffers from an excess of blind boosterism. Criticism is a good thing and it's refreshing to hear someone's honest opinion straight-up, no chaser.

*The biggest scandal of that festival, though, is that the whole thing started off time, but N*E*R*D's set couldn't be delayed. That meant that two of the biggest local acts, Mayday! and Afrobeta, didn't get to play at all. And Afrobeta is rightly pissed -- read Cuci's pisstivity on Afrobeta's blog. The local artists booked, she says, "got the short end of the shit stick." Zing!

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