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Weekend Playlist: 8-Bit Bombs

It is safe to assume that most young people of the current generation have fond memories of spending long hours indoors in their summer downtime. Although some were sent away to quaint sleepaway camps, others preferred the company of a television, an RF adapter, and our dear old friend Nintendo.

This week's playlist features remixes, mashups, and original material done by musicians who make no secret of their nostalgia. Each track features material done with synths that directly resemble the same music that young gamers spent hours and hours while they raged uncontrollably, flinging controllers across living rooms far and wide.

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Track listing:

Tae K: "Title"
Anamanaguchi - "Mess"
The Listrix - "Around the World"
Beck - "Bad Cartridge (E-Pro Remix)"
Tae K - "Mr. Me Too TKRMXII"
Crystal Castles - "1991"
Slagsmålsklubben - "Kinematografen"
The Capcom Sound Team - "Bubbleman Stage"
Jesse Novak - "Hip-Hop 8-bit Medley"

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Ryan Burk