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Weekend Playlist: Electric Somber British

The United Kingdom is famed as a home to some of the greatest music to ever grave the surface of the planet, making enormous waves in the 1960's with trailblazers like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. While best know as a cradle to the best rock 'n' roll on the planet, we feel attention must also be drawn to its rich culture of electronic music.  

This week's playlist pays homage to the special breed of pseudo-ambient, beat-heavy and downtrodden music that has arisen over the past twenty years.

Feel free to visit our official 8tracks homepage, where you can view all previous playlists, as well as construct a playlist of your own.

Track Listing:
The Beta Band - "Squares"
Portishead - "Glory Box"
Aphex Twin - "Fingerbib"
Radiohead - "Everything In Its Right Place"
Gold Panda - "Snow and Taxis"
Boards of Canada - "Turquoise Hexagon Sun"
The Chemical Brothers - "Surrender"
Four Tet - "Plastic People"
The xx - "Basic Space"
Thom Yorke - "Skip Divided"

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Ryan Burk