Weeping Willow Introduces Experimental Music Night for the Downtrodden at Radio-Active Records

Raphael Alvarez is not only a noise musician that'll make your mind all woozy by way of your ears as Chrome Dick, but he also makes wavy, sludgy rock with Fort Lauderdale's Suede Dudes. We asked him about a new monthly at Radio-Active Records of which he is a big part.

Richard Vergez of Mothersky put together Weeping Willow, an evening of live music by those the Facebook invite refers to as "freaks" -- but in the most flattering way. It's referring to some of South Florida's best and most wonky experimental musicians. According to the invite it is: "A night dedicated to the sick, the lonely, the troubled, the perverted, and those who don't fit in the mold of society... This is low-life ambience." Do we need to go for-absolute-sure-not-even-an-earthquake/hurricane/tsunami-would-keep-us-away? Um, hells yes! 

Apparently, Weeping Willow will be an ongoing monthly arrangement taking place at Radio-Active Records. See what Alvarez has to say about the musical minds participating in this special night after the jump.  

Alvarez says about the noisy saxophonist, "Kenny Millions has recently been on the brink of insanity. There's no telling what will happen this evening."

"Möthersky is post-punk-kraut-synth at their best and will lead you into the void of your headspace where there's no turning back," Alvarez muses. Whoa, bro. 

"If there were ever a series of homicides carried out by rogue, bloodthirsty Japanese robots," Alvarez admits, "Human Fluid Rot could provide the score."

"Rat Bastard and Sharlyn Evertsz: Individually, they are sonic terror, together, the world, nor thy ears, can be prepared for what's to come," he laments of the delightful duo.

"Chrome Dick is down with O.P.P. of spiritual damnation." Deep.

Low Level Lazer Radiation
Alverez describes LLLR as an act "whose sound is so expansive and thick, you can feel every molecule in your body tremble, begging to burst." Intense.

And finally: 
"The FREE BLOWJOBS group was created by Kenny Millions to encourage artists to receive fellatio by the audience in any way, shape, or form. Or maybe it's the other way around?" No doubt, Alvarez and Millions will have some explaining to do after the show. 

Weeping Willow takes place on May 25 from 7 to 10 p.m. at Radio-Active Records, 845 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. 

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