Weezy Wire: Lil Wayne's Sentencing Rescheduled for March 8

​It's already painfully obvious that Lil Wayne, a South Florida resident soon to take a sabbatical at Riker's Island, gets a lot of attention on this blog. Thanks to his Twitter developments and the unveiling of the rapper's dentist Dr. Victor Mongalo, Crossfade can stay flowing with fresh content and open for business.

For that reason, among others, it's a relief to see that a fire at the Manhattan County Courthouse in New York has pushed back Weezy's sentencing to March 8. That's several more days to add to an impressive creative spurt: filming seven or so videos, jumping onstage at  rappers' New York-area shows and generally keeping our Google Alerts nourished. Once Mr. Carter is behind bars, the news faucet won't close off completely -- there was that thing about the days getting permanently shorter -- but we're still a little worried.


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