Welcoming Home the Jacuzzi Boys From Europe

With swampy song titles like "Vizcaya" and "I Fought a Crocodile," there's no doubt the Jacuzzi Boys love sticky, sweaty South Florida. They braved their collective fear of flying to bring Miami-flavored, coconut-croquetta-tasting rock 'n' roll to Europe on a recent 26-city tour. Though we knew the continent would send her charms their way, we also were certain the band's love for their hometown would return them where they ultimately belong.

Unsurprisingly, they're all happy to be home. Singer Gabriel Alcala notes in Dorothy-back-from-Oz style, "There's no place like home!" Bassist Danny Gonzalez is looking forward to catching up on the basketball playoffs, and drummer Diego Monasterios says, "I feel like I'm on vacation." As Ponce de León might agree, Florida is sort of the best place to unwind after overseas explorations.

It seems Europe did manage to seduce them in some ways though. Monasterios says, "After our show in Rome, we took a cab at like 3 in the morning to go see the Colosseum and the Vatican, and it was superfun," he says. Sounds romantic. Guess they also hung out with a pirate in Madrid. These are the things that happen when you're on tour. You meet pirates. 

Gonzalez says he usually comes back from playing gigs around the country with a small record collection, but on this trip, he didn't have the time and was concerned about bogging himself down with vinyl when flying home. "I only came back with two LPs," he says, "an Alex Chilton record, which is kinda shitty, but I always buy any record of his I don't have. And Golden Chains by Former Bullies. They're a band we played with in Manchester. They're rad, and the LP is really cool." Duly noted.

The Jacuzzi Boys are gearing up to play a County Grind showcase at Green Room in June, but this weekend, they'll be welcomed home by fans at their unofficial headquarters, Churchill's Pub in Miami. The show will feature some special guests but also Miami legends the Holy Terrors. Gonzalez says of the band: "First and foremost, they rip. Classic Miami punk band! And oddly enough, the first time I ever went to Cheers, they were playing. I had no idea who they were -- actually, I didn't know much really -- but I remember walking in and asking somebody 'Who's this?' and they replied, 'Holy Terrors!' And I've basically been a fan ever since." A fitting homecoming for another band that rips and that certainly green young'uns are turning to their more musically savvy friends asking with excitement, "Who's this?"

Fan Girl Moment: 
New Times: Best thing you bought in Europe?
Danny: A Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket and a cool "Animals of the Amazon" poster from Deyrolle in Paris.
Diego: I also got a poster from Deyrolle. Mine is "Parrots."
Gabriel: I bought a shitty helicopter toy off some street guy in Paris.

Jacuzzi Boys with Holy Terrors and DJs Adam G. (Gramps) and Eric Rasco. 9 p.m. Saturday, May 12, at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. Admission costs $7.


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