West Palm Beach Rapper Drops 411-PAIN Mixtape

The $13.2 million the 1-800-411-PAIN Referral Service has spent on advertising in the past dozen years has not gone to waste. The Broward-based company -- which solicits clients who have been in car accidents and refers them to chiropractors and personal injury lawyers -- is popular enough to have more than 260,000 fans on Facebook.

Its "Stay in Yo' Lane" jingle saturates radio stations such as Hot 105, and its commercials urging viewers "After 911, call 411!" have become staples on English- and Spanish-language stations.

Now, the company has a mixtape named after it. Released by West Palm Beach rapper MG

Da Bad Guy and featuring songs such as "1-800-411-PAIN" and "Stay in Ya

Lane," the album must be adored by the company's marketing team.

To read more about 411-PAIN and the class-action lawsuit alleging it misled costumers, check out this week's

New Times cover story

. Meanwhile, here's a preview of the mixtape:

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