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West Palm Beach's New Coke Creates "Music With a Feeling of Panic"

By Jason Budjinski

For the members of West Palm Beach's New Coke, 2012 was their first full year as a band, and it was every bit as dynamic as the band itself. From hooking up with Netherlands-based Slovenly Records to finding a receptive crowd and like minds at Miami's 305 Fest, New Coke gave 2012 a good throttling and looks to do the same in the new year. 

The three-piece includes Danny Morales (guitar and vocals), Steve McKean (drums and vocals), and Gabe Schnirman (guitar) and is focused on creating moments as much as making music. Its songs alternate from melodic to atonal and are always filled with a frenetic sense of energy that manages to capture the ever-elusive "live" feeling most bands struggle to replicate in the studio. The band's sound is rooted in R&B and garage, but with a darker, more frenzied tone, drawing to mind bands like the Gun Club and the Wipers. New Coke's debut seven-inch, "He Got Stabbed in the Throat"​/"All I Want Is Your Sunshine," is available for purchase at Slovenly's section at We took a look back at 2012, forward into the new year, and deep into New Coke's sound with Morales. 

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