W.F.R.G: Five Reasons Why We Salute You, Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has got the internet going nuts, again, but not in a good way. At least according to British journalist Laurie Penny -- the woman he saved from a speeding taxi in NYC. Side note: If she didn't want the attention and didn't care about the fact that it was Ryan Gosling, why did she feel the need to tweet so much about it? Coincidentally on the same day, writer Ned Hepburn of death + taxes posted an ad on Craigslist in the hopes of finding W.A.R.G. aka Women Against Ryan Gosling. Surprisingly, there was quite a slew of females who felt the need to express their anti-Ryan Gosling thoughts. Some women went on to compare him to a "ferret with better abs" or a "Hitler youth love child of Hayey Joel Osment and Chuck Norris". That's some serious RG blasphemy!

Needless to say, the women over here at County Grind are proud members of W.F.R.G. (Women For Ryan Gosling) and here's a few reasons why.

5. We wouldn't mind reenacting the Dirty Dancing lift scene with him.
No, but seriously...Who would mind?

4. He breaks up fights and saves women from moving cars. He's basically the real life Batman.
What regular guy do you know that would actually run into the middle of the street to stop a fight?

3. His musical side project, Dead Man's Bones.
After watching those videos, need we say more? Mr. Gosling, my body is certainly a zombie for you.

2. We wouldn't mind getting 365 love letters from Noah Calhoun.
His role in The Notebook pretty much sealed the deal for him as a future Hollywood heartthrob.

1. No words needed.

Would we love him the same if he was just some nameless nobody on the street? Maybe. Maybe not. But, that's the fun thing about having celebrity crushes. Sure, we can make the argument that celebrities are humans too. But, let's be honest ladies, Ryan Gosling is a little bit superhuman. And that's totally ok with us.

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