What Five Warped 2010 Bands Eat When You're Not Looking

All the bands we've spoken to on the 2010 Warped Tour talk to fans, jam to their favorite frontmen (and women), and hang out with us ordinary folk. Sometimes they'll even chow down when people are looking.

Sure, most bands claim to be healthy eaters, but fans don't know what

goes on behind closed tour bus doors. There's a

lot of grease, there are late-night truck stops, and sometimes it ain't pretty. Our top five Warped Tour food guilty pleasures from members of We the Kings, Breathe Carolina, Mayday Parade, Pierce the Veil, and Pennywise is below. You won't find filet mignon or vegan

specialties on this list.

Warning: You may get extremely hungry.

Travis Clark, frontman, We the Kings

"When I'm in L.A., In-N-Out Burger is really big for us. If you've

never had it -- because they don't have it on the East Coast -- you

have to have it, 'cause it's amazing. Late-night stops, we usually do

the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell-type thing/KFC sometimes even, like the Three

in One. A lot of the gas-station Subways... It's definitely pretty

gross what we eat. Definitely the late-night stuff is a lot more gross

than our regular eating. But when we pull into a venue or something, we

immediately search for the nearest Chipotle."

Kyle Even, half of the duo Breathe Carolina

"I have this little place called Rally's burritos. It's this little

Mexican, fast-food, hole-in-the-wall place that I go to, and I eat

there like five times a week. Sometimes I have burritos out on the

road, but that's my favorite thing that I wish I could eat all day.

That and chili cheese fries. Ugh."

Derek Sanders, frontman, Mayday Parade

"Definitely whenever we're in the South, there's this place called

Sonny's Bar-B-Q. It's this BBQ place that's like the best BBQ ever. So

good. And I'm sure you guys know of... Publix is the place that we all

love. Every time, we all get the Publix subs."

Vic Fuentes, frontman, Pierce the Veil

"Warped Tour has amazing catering, but... Gas stations and truck stops, and once in a while we'll treat ourselves to eat and go out to eat at like a Cracker Barrel or something. We're all Mexican, so we're always trying to find good Mexican food."

Fletcher Dragge, guitarist, Pennywise
"Just the BBQ in general is my favorite thing. It's like a daily occurrence. Carlos, the tour manager for Alkaline Trio, is like a brilliant Brazilian BBQ chef, and I don't think I'm too shabby either. So we have like Iron Chef competitions and we make everything from scallops to rib-eye steaks -- it's full gourmet BBQ'ing. Then you have your hot dogs and your hamburgers as well, but it's full-blown. One of my favorites is like the foot-long corn dogs at the truck stops. Normally we go to a lot of truck stops when we're on a regular tour, but on the Warped Tour, it's like every night we're fueling up, and we end up at a truck stop at 3 or 4 in the morning. It's hideous stuff, but they have these corn dogs the size of baseball bats, so they're pretty good."

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