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What Is Your Favorite South Florida Release of 2010?

Now is the time -- at least until the next time County Grind pesters you -- to speak up. Which releases from this calendar year created by local artists, be they seven-inches, mixtapes, or full-lengths, rose to the top?

We already have a carefully guarded stack of opinions that hopefully readers' suggestions will topple and improve. Think back over the past year, clean out the closet and the trunk and the iTunes folder, and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Be opinionated, completist, and haughty about your choices, and provide relevant links and .jpg files if you wish.

Or, for those who like the theoretical privacy of my inbox, send to

"music at browardpalmbeach.com" and substitute the "at" for the

appropriate symbol.

Or, for the Twitterverse, just attach @CountyGrind to your missive.

Or, for Zuckerberg-ites, head here.

If the digital approach isn't cracking, send materials and other forms of USPS-approved correspondence to:

Reed Fischer
New Times Broward Palm Beach
16 NE Fourth Street, Ste. 200
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Whew! Those are your choices. That, or accost me personally. It would probably behoove you to make suggestions known by, say, December 10. We have some special editorial plans in place based upon the suggestions we receive.

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