What to Wear to Roll Out Redux Tuesday

Tuesday night our friends from Miami will return to Fort Lauderdale for a one night only celebration of everyone's favorite roller skating party Roll Out at the Gold Coast Roller Skating Rink. From boozy slushies to banger hits provided by Lolo, DJ HottPants, and special guest DJ Laura, Roll Out Redux is guaranteed to get you outta the house and onto four wheels. Not a typical Tuesday night out at the bar, jeans and a T-shirt just won't cut it, so here's a quick rundown of what to wear out on the roller rink. 

Hot Pants: The shorter the better. It's all about moving fast out there on the rink, pants are going to slow you down, but no skirts please, that just screams a Paris Hilton getting out of the car related nightmare. Be sure to choose wisely when shopping for hot pants, nobody wants to walk around with the dreaded camel toe. (ie:avoid these) Bonus points if high-waisted and made from some sort of metallic looking fabric

Colorful Tights: Worried about butt cheeks hanging out? Layer with some colorful tights to avoid that fashion faux pas. If feeling bold, try a tie-dye print or something glittery to grab the attention of that cute boy you've been eyeing for the couples skate. 

Tube Tops: Tube tops scream roller disco, making them the ideal companion for a pair of hot pants. However, the only downside is you'll have to go braless, so think about wearing a metallic bikini top underneath. Also, don't be scared to go all out with a sequin tube top, this is probably the only time to get away with it. 

The Romper: A personal favorite of mine, its the kill two birds with one stone approach to fashion. No need to worry about finding a top or a bottom, it's all in one. Finding an acid wash romper is a dream come true and perfect for a night of skating.  

Accessories are key to bringing any outfit together, and in this case, less is not more. Don't be shy to pack on the neon bangle bracelets, heart shaped sunglasses, and finish off with pair of knee high socks

If you're still stumped for style ideas, think about channeling Iris (Taxi Driver), Kira (Xanadu), or (the most obvious choice of all) Roller Girl (Boogie Nights) for some more inspiration.  

Roll Out Redux. 8 p.m. Tuesday, February 22 at Gold Coast Roller Rink, 2604 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $5, skate rental is $3. Click here.

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Betsey Denberg