What's Your Favorite Record Sleeve Face?

You know it's a good day when Radio-Active Records' design extraordinaire Richard Vergez and his photographer girlfriend, Marcela Loayza, pool their creative talents for the timeless "record sleeve as your own face" concept. They are requesting your participation over at the delightful Radio-Active Tumblr page.

Admittedly, this is also a chance to show off what amazing face-related records you own, but it's also a way of making your life a clip-art project with supplies readily at hand. If you don't have a live-in stylist or a camera tripod, this is still doable! As you will see below, it's almost impossible to not do this right away with only a camera phone and a mirror -- and a Woody Allen record.

See?Check out the far more hip choices Richard and Marcela came up with right here for inspiration, and then get to work. If nothing in your record bin moves you -- we tried holding a CD copy of Robert Pollard's From a Compound Eye waaaaay out, but it didn't work well -- what better excuse than to head to one of your fine local record emporiums (or the impressive Sleevage.com) and try a few out. Such as:

Hall & Oates' H2O (with a friend)

Elvis Costello's Trust (with your best vintage suit)

Madonna's True Blue (when you're really turned on)

Nas' Illmatic (when you're a little defiant)

Of course, heads aren't the only things you can use. See Ween's Chocolate & Cheese, the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers, and the Black Crowes' Amorica (when you want to show off your body without showing off your body).

We can't wait to see what you come up with. Send to richard@radio-active-records.com, and tell us which ones to check out in the comments section.

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