Music lovers wandered around with their jaws dropped this weekend after hearing the news of Whitney Houston's death. Everyone assumed that the troubled pop star was a victim of her own addictions, and they likely weren't entirely wrong.

The singer was found lifeless at her Beverly Hills hotel room in a bathtub. The autopsy today revealed that there was water found in Houston's lungs. The world is waiting to speculate on the toxicology report that will be released in a few weeks.

Houston is yet another beloved idol whose use of narcotics paved the road to her demise. During Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party, fellow singer Tony Bennett called for legalization of drugs before offering a tribute to the late songtress with "How Do You Keep the Music Playing?"

Whitney Houston's Autopsy and Tony Bennett's Speech on Legalization of Drugs

He asked that we perhaps model U.S. policy on that of the Dutch. Quite a

progressive move for an older guy. His examples aren't quite solid,

though. Michael Jackson used legal drugs illegally to dull the pain of

his human experience, and Amy Winehouse wasn't even using in America. Doesn't

matter. The gesture was a somewhat thoughtful expression of love for a star whom we all wish we could have helped not fall.

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