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Wibby White

Miami-based singer/producer Wibby White should learn how to quit when he's ahead. The track arrangement on his newest album, The Trendsetter... starts out strong and can easily fool a listener into thinking he just copped an innovative CD. The album's lead single, "Enjoy Yourself," is a damned good blend of Chicago house, homegrown electronica, and Miami bass all wrapped into one. The result is pure booty-shaking material, and it's the best local track that's arrived in the mail since I took this job (which was a whole month ago). Imagine Frankie Knuckles and Uncle Luke producing a series of sweaty dance songs — that's how the vibe of Trendsetter starts. The problem is, this ten-track LP probably should have been a four-song EP. By the time you get to "Shout," a God-awful remix of the 1985 Tears for Fears hit, the wheels have fallen off and the "great" disc you thought you had purchased veers into Frisbee territory. Wibby has got a good thing going for him when it comes to making house music. His mixture of South Beach and Southside Chicago production sounds like the newest trend in nü-wave disco that's just about to blow up. But when the bass and catchy electronics disappear and his vocals are forced to stand alone, they really don't stand at all.

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