Widespread Panic at Fillmore Miami, September 30
Widespread Panic
Fillmore Miami, Miami Beach
September 30, 2010

There are only a few times a year when a conglomerate of

dreaded hippies gather in Miami and

that is probably during the Bob Marley-inspired Caribbean

festival and the rare occasion that a jam band makes its way down to our

out-of-the-way diminutive paradise. Throw in some Southerners wearing fraternity hats and you have yourself a Widespread Panic show. The scene at the

Fillmore Miami Beach last night was typical of any Widespread Panic show -- aged

folks who look like they have seen one too many Grateful Dead shows, people

looking to score hits of nitrous oxide in the "lot," and those who came purely

to get down to some quality Southern rock.

Upon entering the theater, the smell of marijuana permeated

the humid air. Oddly enough, a security guard asked a man to stop smoking his

cigarette inside but affirmed that he was only allowed to smoke the heady green

goodness. Unfortunately Widespread Panic could never sell out the entire Fillmore,

so the seated area was partitioned off half-way by a long red curtain. It made

the theater seem smaller and more intimate and also more likely that you would

bump into another sweaty body whilst dancing, all contributing to what makes a

Widespread Panic concert unique and more enjoyable.

From previous experiences I've never known Widespread Panic

to start on time, however, they came to the stage promptly at 8:30. The band started off strong, opening with

a hearty rendition of "Give," leading into a lengthy "Visiting Day" followed by "Fishwater." Panic fans were thrilled by the start of the show but the first

set was a little dull and lackluster, besides those first few songs.

After a quick break, the band was back and ready to rock even

harder. By this time the front of the stage was packed and not a single person

was standing still. I was lucky enough to get my own personal hand-held laser

show by a man who also spent half of the concert playing air guitar. The second

set was much more impactful, playing songs such as "Rock," "Good People," and "Dyin' Man." There was a long and well played out jam from "Papa's Home" into a "Drums" solo, returning back to "Papa's Home," at which point everyone in the

crowd was flailing around like it was the last time they'd ever dance. The show

ended with a slightly disappointing encore, but it would be difficult to end on

a high note after such an exceptional second set.

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: This was probably my tenth Widespread Panic

show and by far, not my favorite. I would have liked them to play 'Tall Boy'

while I also enjoyed my $12 tall boy.

Random Detail: I saw enough tie-dyed shirts to satisfy my

need to see tie-dyed shirts for the rest of my life.

Overheard in the Crowd: "Who wants to hit this joint?"

Everyone in a ten foot radius replied.

Set I:
Visiting Day
Knocking 'Round the Zoo
You Got Yours
Walk on the Flood

Set II:
Pickin' Up the Pieces
Who Do You Belong To?
Good People
Dark Bar
Good People
Bear's Gone Fishin'
Papa's Home
Papa's Home
Dyin' Man
Christmas Katie
Radio Child

Up All Night

-- Ashley Pearson

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