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Will the Kris Kross Reunion Feature Grown-Ass Men Jumping Around in Backwards Overalls?

Hip-hop duo Kris Kross spells out the history of its music on Facebook, plainly, simply, and with little adherence to a single stitch of grammatical regulation: "kriss kross are two men daddy mac and mac daddy. 33 years old now."

Reunions are pretty goofy in the first place. But it is downright impossible to reunite a kid group because -- we're sorry to say -- children grow up.

Nevertheless, Daddy Mac and Mac Daddy will be reuniting for a special 20th anniversary performance in Atlanta.

And we couldn't care less. Except to ask if the concert will feature grown-ass men jumping around in backward overalls. Will it?

We'll have to wait till the February 23 So So Def Records reunion concert at Atlanta's Fox Theater to find out for absolute sure about the overall situation.

But reunion mania is one of regurgitation culture's most cynically boring cash-in check points. Maybe if these were spaced out a little better. Like, once a year, Buffalo Springfield or Dinosaur Jr. announces they're going on tour, and maybe there's a Michael Jackson hologram at a festival, or something.

But when every last act that has ever existed decides to go for a victory lap, the novelty wears off almost entirely.

And besides, how the fuck you gonna tell us thirty-three year old men are gonna jump around while spitting "The Rugrats Rap?

There's a time and place for everything, Kris Kross. And yours was the goddamn 1990s.

P.S. TMZ has pics of one of these goons in backwards jeans.

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Matt Preira