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Winners of the Projekt Revolution Ticket Contest!

We've got the winners for our Projekt Revolution ticket contest.

The trivia question was:

What number appears in some form on the cover of every Taking Back Sunday album, and what does it refer to?

The answer:

152. It's explained here, in a a interview with frontman Adam Lazzara:

"Each of our albums have the number '152' on them, because on Highway 40 in North Carolina, going between Chapel Hill and High Point, the area I'm from, there's exit 152. My friends and I would make the trip from High Point to Chapel Hill to see shows, and we'd always stop at that exit," Lazzarra said. "And we keep it in the artwork to help us remember where we came from and to let everybody at home know that they're all still on our minds."

And the winners:

Marcos Santos of Deerfield Beach wins a pair of lawn tickets to Friday's Projekt Rev stop at the Sound Advice Ampitheatre in West Palm Beach.

Our runner-up, Yulaidi Serra of Hialeah, wins a cool slim-fit TBS tee and a copy of the band's last album, Louder Now.

Prizes come courtesy of Taking Back Sunday and Fanscape. Keep your eye out for more contests on CrossFade in the future! -- Arielle Castillo

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