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Wish You Were There: Furthur's Miami Show on YouTube

While most of the city was freaking out over the Super Bowl, some other legends were in town on Friday night: Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, formerly of the Grateful Dead. In a pretty unusual booking for downtown Miami, the two touched down at the recently revamped Bayfront Park Amphitheater to kick off a tour by their band's current incarnation, Furthur. If you missed it, no worries -- this is a Dead-related band, after all, and taping has evolved into recording video for YouTube. Check out our review of the gig, which includes a full set list, and watch these fan snippets from the show.

From YouTube user RootsLvr, here's a bit of "Terrapin Station," with John Kadlecik of the famous Dead tribute band Dark Star Orchestra.

From the evening's first set, here's "Ramble on Rose" into "Golden Road," from user 99rforman. The audio's a little distorted, but the video's various commenters assuire it was better in real life.

Also from 99rforman, here's part of one of the band's renditions of "Viola Lee Blues," which came up twice in the second set.

From GratefulDad007, here's "Born Cross Eyed," the first proper song to kick off the first set. Again, the audio leaves a little to be desired, but this video has some of the best picture quality of the YouTube clips so far.

Finally, here are two clips of the band's encore, "Ripple." The first comes from RootsLvr again.

And here's another one taken closer to the stage, from YouTube user jenadri7.

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Arielle Castillo
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