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Wish You Were There: Junior Boys at the Vagabond on YouTube - in HD!

Well, the contemporary flouting of respect for copyrights has provided one great thing. If you miss some big club or music event, you're sure to find it on the Internet, somewhere. "Amateur" videographers and photographers are as good as the pros these days, and YouTube now has HD, so.... I missed the Junior Boys at the Vagabond last Saturday thanks to the flu (boo), but I got to catch, this morning, at least one song, thanks to YouTube user ZManBarzel. Here are the boys doing "Teach Me How to Fight," which, yes, sounds sexy as hell, just like our reviewer said. The picture quality is impressive; ZManBarzel surely knows how to use his zoom in an economical and classy way. Most importantly, the sound is awesome. Enjoy the video below.

Also, not local, but it looks like this person attended the Sonar Festival this year (lucky), and got some similarly good video of Little Boots an Fever Ray. Check them out here.

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Arielle Castillo
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