Wish You Were There: Lady Gaga New Year's Eve Miami Beach Fontainebleau

Welcome to 2010. Newsflash Fontainebleau: Where mainstream, corporate, and alternative media cameras cannot shoot Lady Gaga, citizen cameras can, and this year they'll get better and more able to easily subvert your stupid rules.

Here's video of Lady Gaga in a bikini (does her cock flop out the side? Is Lady Gaga really a hermaphrodite?) performing on-stage poolside at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach for New Year's Eve 2010.

Lady Gaga is famous for wearing stupid clothes and taking them off while pretending to sing finely honed and crafted pop songs.

Did anybody who's reading this go to Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve party? If you could speak to Lady Gaga, what would you say? Will increasing the frequency with which we mention Lady Gaga place this blog post higher on the search index? Happy New Year!

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Jacob Katel