Wish You Were There Part II: Hukilau 2009 Photos From Flickr

via Phinzup's Flickr photostream
The biggest thing going for retro culture lovers over the past weekend was, of course, Hukilau 2009. Los Straitjackets headlined the weekend's biggest show, Friday night at the Bahia Cabana hotel. There are a ton of amazing photos of the whole event on Phinzup's Flickr photostream.

Mr. Bali Hai took a bunch as well, including this one taken aboard the Tikki Beach boat.

via Mr. Bali Hai's Flickr photostream

via eclectica miami's Flickr photostream
Eclectica Miami also posted a few fun party scene photos.

Finally, there's a pretty extensive gallery on digitalyeti's photostream, including plenty of colorful dancers. Be sure to click over to check those out.


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