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Wish You Were There: Warped Tour '09 at the Cruzan Amphitheatre, July 25, on Flickr

via s0und's Flickr
​First, check out New Times' Warped Tour photo slideshows -- click here for the bands, click here for the fans and the fashions.

Saturday proved meteorologically unpredictable in West Palm Beach. This year's edition of the Warped Tour had migrated pretty far north from its usual South Florida venues in Miami or Pompano, prompting lots of grumbling from would-be attendees in Miami-Dade and Broward. Perhaps this psychic energy contributed to the day's on and off rainstorms, which created intense periods of baking humidity after each deluge.

Regardless, plenty of kids went, and left happy anyways, and there is much photographic evidence on Flickr. Let's check out some of the best user photos from the site.

The tattoo-covered aggro Brits of Gallows always make for a wild set and cool photos, so let's start with a few of them, shall we? The photo above, from s0und's photostream, shows how frontman Frank Carter can't be bound by a puny stage.

...Oh look, neither can the rest of the band.

via s0und's Flickr

Linnette Alissa got this awesome portrait of Carter mid-scream.

via Linnette Alissa's Flickr

User smilebehind got lots of pictures of post-post-hardcore giants Saosin, and man, frontman Cove Reber is really starting to look like Zach de la Rocha, no?

via smilebehind's Flickr

To give you an idea of how far the Warped Tour's egalitarian line-up system goes, check out smilebehind's photo of the day's schedule. All Time Low, whose most recent album, Nothing Personal, debuted on the Billboard Charts at number four, played at 11:15 a.m. Wow.

(Same goes for local act the Mission Veo, who had to take the stage before photographers were even let into the photo pits. Crappy.)

via smilebehind's Flickr

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