WMC 2010: Busy P, Erol Alkan, and Boys Noize at HARD Pool Party at Fontainebleau (Video)

Yesterday, Los Angeles-based event HARD finally made its Miami debut, something we expected them to do ages ago. But did HARD live up to the hype? No and yes. We would have liked to have experienced HARD as a full-fledged production instead of a daytime pool party, but with the likes of Busy P, Erol Alkan, and Boys Noize taking over the decks it's hard to be disappointed.

We definitely were a little out of it thanks to copious amount of drink at the W South Beach's Belvedere Music Lounge we attended beforehand and we might have ingested some chocolate laced with something or another.

We did manage to catch up with über-party photographer Bronques of Last Nights Party. As he looked out at a sea of girls, he asked us, "What do you think is missing here?"

Um, I don't know. Their tops aren't off?

Bronques laughed and agreed, but that wasn't what he meant though. Apparently, he was feeling uninspired of the options given to him at the Fontainebleau.

Anyway, we managed to catch some video of Busy P, Erol Alkan, and Boys Noize sets at the event, so enjoy.

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