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WMC 2010: Made to Play Showcase at White Room Rules First Day

We charmed British DJ Annie Mac on the first night of WMC.
​We normally try to conserve our energy the first few days before getting too crazy the rest of the week, but how could we skip out on the first night of Winter Music Conference? In fact, there were a few good reasons to nix the sleeping for some weekday partying.

Mansion hosted its annual Mansion Loves Electro party last night. We stopped by for a hot minute -- er, more like 45 minutes -- just to take a peek. No way we could tell you who was behind the decks when we got there, as our primary task was moving out of the way every time a bottle of champagne came through with a sparkler attached to it. It reminded us that unless you have bottle service at places like Mansion, you really aren't much of any concern to the staff.

On the other side of the causeway, Grand Central opened its doors. We didn't expect there to be a lot of people there -- and we were right -- but curiosity as to what the space looked like was a motivating factor. Just steps away the rubble of the Miami Arena, Grand Central is at the bottom of a office loft building. Poplife's Barbara Basti boasted that the space was around 10,000 square feet. It definitely felt bigger, at least a third larger than Miami's last mid-size venue, Studio A.


But the real gem last night was the Made to Play showcase feature Radio Slave and Jesse Rose at White Room. The duo kept switching back and forth throughout the night making for an anything-but-boring set. And if you were looking to do some heavy networking, the downtown venue was the place to be. It seemed like every visiting DJ was there from Fake Blood to Annie Mac, who we entertained with stories of our recent legal troubles. Yes, Crossfade is in love the British DJ.

Also spotted was Richard Haig, AKA Panic Bomber, who informed us of his very successful jaunt to SXSW. "I'm going to France soon!" boasted Haig. It seems like it was only yesterday we declared him the city's best new electronica artist.

Haig also told us he is taking it easy in order to be in top shape for the Ultra performance on Saturday. But we had to ask him, would the Panic Bomber glow suit be making a return for his festival debut?

"No, that's been retired."

What? But that suit was made for performances like the one at Ultra.

"Well, I'm working on another one that hopefully will be ready some time in the summer."

So a Panic Bomber suit 2.0.


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